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Energy Healing

support for your spiritual life & practice

You already have amazing gifts as an intuitive, healer, light bringer, starseed and sensitive soul. Yet sometimes having the support and understanding of another healer is the missing piece to create truly profound shifts in your life.

Whether you need some help getting clarity and focus or are ready for truly transformative change, activation or healing in your energy bodies, healing sessions will bring deep and relaxing peace to support you in your spiritual life and business.

Crystal Matrix Accelerated Healing for Leaders and Lightworkers

 A new form of healing has come forward for you as a lightworker. You may be working hands on, channelling, bringing forth the codes of light, working as a starseed, healer or anchoring the light for mother earth. If you are called to work with any of the sentient beings here at the moment, this service is here to support YOU out there on the front lines through this energetic attunement.

Distance Healing Session +15 min. online support call   $129
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Merkaba Light Body Healing

 If you’re called to this, you’re already in service doing energy work, healing or hands on wellness or spiritual / psychic work with clients. Although you love what you do, you may be feeling overwhelmed or drained.

This is a healing and energetic alignment to feel more connected, brighter in your energy and confident to take on the next level in your spiritual life and business.

Distance Healing Session +15 min. online support call   $149
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what distance healing does for you

 Energetic distance healing helps to clear and re-balance your system by removing old patterns, blockages and stagnant energies from your system. In doing so, the ease and flow of your body’s natural ability to communicate with the world and realms around you is reestablished. And your energy bodies naturally shift back into realignment as a fully functioning system.

why your energetic system needs to be balanced

 When your energetic system is balanced you feel calm, connected and full of vitality. There is an effortless flow of energy in to and out of your system and you can easily roll with what life throws your way. But life happens, doesn’t it? Difficult experiences, working too hard and sometimes taking on the energy of others can happen because your energetic and psychic fields have weakened from the stress of living.

When you experience disturbances to your energy field (trauma) or encounter discordant energy, your body is not as resistant to taking on the vibration of people, places and things. Your chakras go out of balance and your entire system can become misaligned so your energy does not flow as it should. The energy field as a whole or individual chakras may show signs of blockage, clogging, fractures, splintering, recesses, weakness etc.

Most commonly in sensitive souls, starseeds and healers I see a reaching out and extension of energetic light points. Often as an over compensation for other chakras that are weaker or have energetic attachments.

One of the great advantages of distance healing is that it brings your system back into alignment and give you the ability to feel comfortable again. Working with and energy healer and guide, you can use your intention to release any energies not for your highest good. And you can continue this shift throughout your own work with the subtleties of becoming aware of your own energetic system.

If you’d like to learn more about ways to educate and help yourself, please have a look at the Blog or the Chakra Clearing & Balance Course.

chakras as multi dimensional communication

 The human chakra system extends beyond our physical 3-D out into a multilayered system of energy. Often referred to as the aura, these layers of energy that comprise our “selves” also extend into other dimensions. This allows all humans the ability to send and receive energy or vibration. It is the core of how our intuition, psychic abilities and potential to send and receive healing distantly is anchored.

All of these energetic layers are interconnected by nodes of clustered light at energy points known as chakras, portals, or vortices. The chakras form a system which regulates the flow of energy and information in and out of your being. On a smaller scale, each individual chakra is actually its own system of interconnected points of light. When in balance, the whole grouping operates as a single coherent energy and information source.

The interconnection of these points of light energy exists not only in our own being. They also reach out and establish connection with other beings, places and things. This is our way to connect with our collective unity consciousness, 5D and multidimensional space and of course, our beloved mother earth Gaia.