Chakra Clearing & Balance Course

Feel confident, attract clients and avoid burnout
as you learn to master your energy!

A callout to you as a spiritual woman, healer, wellness practitioner and lightworker!


Do you get so busy helping others that you get drained, but push through anyhow and forget to manage your own energy?


Have you noticed you’re great at what you do when you’re helping others, but keeping your own energy stable and focused is challenging?


Do you tell yourself it’s okay to ignore the signs your body & spirit give you to take a break because you have important work to do?
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I understand how this feels, because it used to be me.

I spent years on a highly driven mission to find my soul’s purpose, but the way I went about backfired back time. It was so important to me to be there for others, that I continually pushed myself too hard believing I should be helping them, or that there was some bigger lesson to be learned. So I kept going, writing off my tiredness and working in difficult and challenging situations and with people I shouldn’t have. I was compromising my health because I had no idea how to be aware of or manage my energy.

And a life long circle of burnout began. I would put everything into my work and people, become disillusioned, get exhausted, ill and then have to quit. Then some spark of being able to connect and help in a new way would pull me back. I would try something new and the pattern would repeat again. My working time got shorter and the burnout periods longer and longer to the point where I ended up with chronic fatigue so bad that I could not get out of bed from months.

As much as I loved the work, it always felt like there was a piece missing. Nothing seemed to work or be the right answer and I didn’t feel whole. So I kept searching for the holy Grail and exhausted myself again and again. And the worst part was this underlying belief that as a lightworker I should be able to “just know” how to do all of this on my own. I didn’t respect myself, my energy or my health.

But I found the secret!

The key to beating burnout is being aware of your personal energy.

It all starts with your own personal energy awareness. And the first step is assessing your energy through your chakra system. This gives you a great baseline to clear and balance any chakras that are over or under active and know where your energy ends and that of other people, places and things begins.


Tanya Kucey, DCH
Energy Mastery Coach for Lightworkers


Hi! Im Tanya Kucey DCH, and like you I’m a creative, multifaceted, spiritual person. I love what I do and know that I reincarnated here to help people I was spiritually contracted to work with. Throughout my journey, I have learned a multitude of modalities, techniques and therapies. Literally spending thousands on training and expertise and have 3 professional qualifications (BFA, VOA, DCH), numerous diplomas and certificates to show for it.

Yet I was always struggling to get clients, make money or have a consistent income. I was drained, exhausted and tired of being tired on my personal burnout circuit! I worked with coaches and guides always trying to balance my spiritual life and practice with the practicalities of being exhausted. Always exploring and improving my methods, until I found the secret!

The key to beating burnout is being aware of your personal energy.

I am no longer an energy sieve. I have the freedom to easily engage in work or play because I now instinctively went to take breaks and where to set boundaries.

The technique I use is simple, effective and fun! I can do it whenever I feel like it and it worked so well that I want to share it with you.

If you are finally ready to:

•   Let go of overwhelm and feeling like you need days to recuperate after social situations or working with clients

•   Feel excited about your work again knowing that you will have a stable supply of energy

•   Be focused, confident and excited doing what you love helping others

•   Set boundaries without a fuss, say no without guilt and trust yourself so if you ease back or take a break, it’s the perfect thing for you

•   Create an energetic foundation in mastering your energy so old patterns disappear

•   Be in touch with and respect your OWN energy first

•   Love yourself enough to learn a technique you’ll actually want to use every day

Then the Chakra Balance and Clearing course is the perfect fit for you.



In a little as 30mins a day you’ll get energy aware and easily set boundaries, say no without guilt and actually be happy taking breaks to nourish yourself.
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Here’s What You Get

Having a fun practice you’ll use every day is your first step in becoming energetically stable and full of life!


Each day you receive a bright and cheery email with extra touches like great images, a downloadable chakra graphic and content written specifically for you as a lightworker, sensitive soul and empath. There’s also a daily section on CRYSTAL HEALING and which vibrationally attuned gemstone or crystal is perfect for that chakra.

You now have the option to sit back, relax and listen to an audio version of the email.


Enjoy a daily 20 minute Meditation audio that you can listen to at your leisure. Each Chakra specific meditation guides you through a relaxing, healing and restorative process to clear, balance and align your energy.

Each recording also includes an introduction with chakra specific attributes. Learn how you mental, emotional and spiritual states are affected and what to do to get in balance. PLUS learn a deeply healing resonant vocal tone and solfeggio frequency for each chakra.


Discover your 7 Primary Physical Chakras + the HIGHER HEART CHAKRA which is an essential for lightworkers. Each day you’ll learn about a new chakra and its attributes including its Sanskrit name, location on your body, colour, crystals, sounds, yoga poses, emotions and spiritual associations.

Whether you are new to the energetic chakra system or not, you will find this information uplifting and relevant to you in your spiritual life and business as a lightworker.

Printable Chakra Guide with meanings and attributes to help you clear your energy.


Simple, easy to do techniques for energy mastery that you’ll love as part of your go-to daily routine.

Energetic Check In
Learn to read and define your energy in the moment! You will know instantly where you need to set boundaries, whether you need a little self-love or if it’s time to take a break.

Chakra Assessment
Develop your intuition to instantly know if your chakras are overactive, underactive or in balance

Imagine finally being free from old patterns of self sabotage and burnout! You’ll have a technique that works, is fun and is something you’ll want to do every day.

Chakra Clearing + Balance is the best investment in yourself and your energy.
Regular value


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Praise from Happy Clients

Here’s what people are saying!

solar plexus chakra - learn more at

I loved it! Felt the energies with each meditation. My intention is to visit it again.
Well worth the investment. Thanks again for your work!

~ Kathleen W.
The Mentoring Medium

This is phenomenal! Step-by-step, relatable, and comprehensive— you are really a gifted educator! Thank you!

~ Lilren M.

As a real DIYer working in the intuitive field, I often feel like I should be able to do all this kind of healing on myself… but other times being held, supported and helped by another IS part of my actual healing.

~ Artemis K.


Yahoo! And right now you can get this entire course for less than the cost of one single healing session!

Click below and begin your journey into learning all about your energetic Chakra System.

Regular value $179

Now $127

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ps: This is your time to shine!  Creating a foundation of personal energy awareness and mastery is what will finally make a difference in bringing your spiritual and wellness business to the next level.



Absolutely! Although the course is geared primarily towards people who identify as healers, sensitive souls, lightworkers and empaths, the content and methods are appropriate for anyone.


You can listen to your audio files whenever you like! Simply click through the links provided in your daily emails. SoundCloud also allows you to create a user profile and save them as a personal playlist for you to revisit at any time.


Recommended for ages 15+

Some of the course content, particularly around issues of Mental Health and spirituality are geared towards adults. However older teens are rather astute and may benefit from and grasp these concepts easily.



Nope! This course was designed to do on your laptop, computer or mobile phone. you can easily view and read the emails, or click on the audio options to have it read to you. All the audio clips are easily accessible through SoundCloud and its software or app downloads are not essential for playback.


curious about the course still?

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