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Ever have that moment where you realize you haven’t connected in with Source and spirit in a while? You may catch yourself feeling off or not like yourself or have a sense that something is missing. And whether your break was intentional or not, suddenly not having an integral part of your spiritual life can be a little disconcerting.

You might experience it as something being off, an absence or disconnection. It might show up physically or energetically in your body, chakra system or maybe inter-dimensionally as you are trying to connect in with spirit. Or you might get what I call “radio silence” where suddenly spirit just doesn’t seem to be accessible. But where did they go? Everything felt so easy and in the flow a couple weeks ago. hmmmm

If you’re like me, all of a sudden you take to overthinking it. It can become a bit of a thought spiral, and those uncomfortable feelings can grow into something that inhibit you. Procrastination sets in, and the more time goes on, the more you feel like it’s not going to be as easy as it used to be. And even though you’re feeling that pull back to reconnect, you may be feeling anxious or fearful. Like that connection is right there but just out of reach.

Fortunately, journeying back can be easier than you think. Yet, before you can connect with Source, you need to connect in to you. This article is all about giving you an easy to use technique to get back in the flow. And to have a system in place if you ever need it again.

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7 Steps to Connect Back to Source

First off, is one of the most important things you can do: give yourself a hug. I’m serious. It’s important to know that what you’re feeling right now is okay. And warranted. Because everyone needs to take breaks here and again. Otherwise how would we have any perspective to learn and grow? And like it or not, the absence does make you stronger.

So step one (after your big hug!) to get you back in the flow again is by allowing yourself to acknowledge your desire to make a connection. And to toss out those self judgments, the “I shoulds” and any comparisonitis about what other people are doing. That doesn’t matter. This is about honouring YOU and where you are at. Right now.

And do you know that this simple acknowledge has already started the process? You’ve engaged an energetic bridge which automatically connects your subconscious mind and conscious mind with your spiritual essence.

Now it’s time to do some work in the 3-D! Download the worksheets because it time to get clear and focused. You’re going to make this happen by bringing all your thoughts and feelings together in one place. So grab something to write with, and lets go through the steps:

If you’re reading this article, then obviously you’re feeling a pull to be connected back in with Source and spirit again. And so many emotions are a part of that. But emotions don’t always talk with your logical mind and spirit, and we need to get these three to hang out and get stuff sorted. So that’s why you’re going to write it down and make those connections.

Let it all come out and feel the feelings. If you get upset and you need to throw pillows at the couch then do it! If you feel sad, then acknowledge it and let tears come if you need to. If you get anxious, get grounded and take a deep breath. Whatever it is that you are feeling about the situation is valid. So write it down and acknowledge that beautiful human part of you.

Like your emotions, it’s important to make a mental connection between what you are feeling and the situation as you perceive it. This makes a subconscious to conscious connection which is a vital part of shifting blocked energy so that it does not somatize within your body and being.

Write down whatever comes up. This is just for you and there are no wrong answers.

Look at the list above and intuitively let yourself be drawn to the one thing that you can easily give up. And know that it’s okay to start small, even one small movement will shift you out of inertia and get you flowing again.

Be silly, have fun! Embrace your child likes self and enjoy the people, places and things that you love. Doing so lifts your vibration and signals to the universe, Source and spirit that you are now open to receive higher vibrational energies back into your life. In essence, you are sending out an invitation to get together again.

Click this graphic to tweet:  Before you can connect with Source, you need to connect in to you.

Often we get frustrated because we cant “automatically“ connect in. But ask yourself: have I actually taken the time to clearly think about why I am doing this or what I actually want?! Allow yourself space, whether it’s during a walk, after yoga or if you are doing a meditation sit. Take a moment to focus and specifically clarify what it is that you want. Then clearly write, think or say out loud what your intention is.

Is it simply to make a connection again? To chat with your higher self, guides or spirit. You may even be missing that familiar sensation you used to have when being aligned with Source and spirit was seamless.

Whatever your outcome, clearly knowing your intention is the best way to start getting that connection with Source again.

This can be something that you’ve enjoyed in the past that has always worked to make you feel connected, secure and in alignment. Or if you feeling the need to explore a little, take some time and do that.

There are so many modalities ranging from an almost infinite choice of meditation styles and forms. Breath work. Sound, colour, visual and healing vibration. . Tarot, Oracle and healing card decks. Journaling. Physical hands-on bodywork and therapy. Energetic and distance healing.

Look to mother earth and connect in with nature. Talk with spiritual friends or have conversations in your favourite Facebook groups or through social media.

You’ve identified your emotions and blocks and allowed yourself to begin the process of releasing them. You found a way to lift your vibe, define your goals and intention and how you’d like to make that happen. Basically you’ve created an easy to follow outline and guide for yourself. So it’s time to put it all together and get ready to connect back into universal energy, unity consciousness, Source, spirit or whatever you feel like you need to be connected in to to feel like you again.


Lastly it’s a great idea to know what worked for you during this process and what didn’t. That way if you ever have a feeling like you are not connecting in again, you have something to refer back to. You will have a good idea of what’s going to work for you again and now you have the ability to consciously shift and reframe the experience and your energy.

As a spiritual person you know that your relationship with Source and spirit is a soul long experience. And although our human experience leads us to believe from time to time that we are on a break, it is ever present. There will always be ups and downs in life, but congratulate yourself for having recognized this cycle. And that you have moved through it in a way that allowed you to up level and be prepared with a plan for the next time you come full circle.


So now Id love to hear from you!

  • What have you done when you felt disconnected or removed from Spource, spirit or the energies you work with in your spiritual life?


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  1. Lilren

    Tanya this is phenomenal! Step-by-step, relatable, and comprehensive— you are really a gifted educator, too! Thank you!

    • Tanya Kucey

      Thank you Lilren – I really appreciate that! so glad you find this a useful resource, it’s my joy to share content with you that really helps you be your best as a lightworker.

  2. Artemiss

    Awesome article… easy to use practical process with enough information to satisfy my need to know ‘why’ lol. I’ve bookmarked this for repeat use, thank you.

    • Tanya Kucey

      Thank you for your comment Artemis. It’s my joy to make content super accessible and easy to use so that you can adapt it in your own practice – That’s why I call myself the down to earth spiritual guide for lightworkers.


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