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Shine Brighter


This is something that I say to myself when I catch those moments where my behavior is, well let’s just call it less-than-stellar.

Where I can find an opportunity to lift up myself and be a beacon of light for those around me instead of tapping into the negativity I’ve encountered or if I’ve been creating my own.

I mean I’m only human. I definitely have my days of struggle and low vibe BS that I get sucked into.

But more and more frequently, I’m remembering I have the power to change. It might sound a little cliché but yeah, awareness is power.

This lovely phrase that I have started saying is my little reminder and gentle hug to myself that I can be better in the moment. That I am here to help people who are about to go through some real difficult experiences and situations.

And because I’ve been there myself and made it through, I’m stronger for it now. And that means I can be there to support those around me who are having a hard time.

And if you’re reading this, so can you.


How to get your spark back when you feel down


In your heart, you know this is the time & place your soul has been waiting for.

Its exciting – you’re on the edge and you can feel how ready you are to truly step up into the work you know is within you! It’s time to help heal the world and those around you, and they need you to be your best.

But what about when you feel crap? On those days which are a son of a gun, where you feel low or that you’re not contributing in the way that you want to be? Then what?


Well, you can use a simple technique like this.

Have a chit chat with your heart. Let it tell you which catchphrase, vibe, color, sound or feeling is going to help your 3-D brain click into place and remember why you are here. You can embrace your own words or use someone else’s. It really doesn’t matter because what you’re doing is making a conscious decision to lift yourself up.

And like I always say, when you lift up your own vibe, you are lifting up everybody around you and that is how you change the world. One person at a time.

Feeling a bit dissatisfied lately?

Like you’re simultaneously drained and anxious, but still rushing around not as aligned as you know you could be. It may be time for some distance healing. If you’re ready to get back to your heart-space and in the flow again, book a session and get the 1 : 1 support and attention you need.


So now Id love to hear from you!

  • What lifts you up and makes you sparkle?



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