Leadership is not a Dirty Word

I’ve been having some interesting conversations lately about the word leadership and specifically the term “spiritual leadership”.

Seems to be kinda like cilantro – people either love it or hate it!

In a time where so many of us are stepping into our power, working with amazing people, soul clients and teaching from the heart- why are we still not claiming our strengths and abilities ?

On scratching the surface I’m beginning to see that this isn’t just about semantics. There seems to be something deeper. Something old that we are getting ready to shake off.

As a spiritual woman working in your souls calling, you are already sharing your experience and knowledge with your own tribe, your group, your people. Whether it’s in person, on Social media, Facebook groups, your website, workshops or gatherings – you are sharing and disseminating your knowledge with intent so that others can benefit from it. This is leadership.

Yet there still seems to be some negative connotations around this word. Some see it as corporate and relate it to non-consensual power over others. Some (and I’m going to say this as a generational stigma here) are associating it with some really not so good events in the past related to “spiritual leaders”. While others are put off by this word because they feel like they can’t relate to it – that it’s patriarchal, associated with governing bodies or government. Or that the energy of the word is’nt right for them.

But why is that? Isn’t it after all just a word? A title. A description.

Is it time maybe to remind ourselves that as we evolve, so does our language. And that semantics are based so much on our culture and experience that often we forget we have the choice to reframe them.

Guide. Changemaker, Wayshower.

How about these titles?
These are all words that are used to express the same energy; the same thing – that being the sharing your wisdom, abilities and knowledge with individuals who will benefit from your influence. This is about guiding the people who are your tribe, your peeps- and providing them with information and resources that they can use to create change in their own lives. And as a heart centred spiritual businesswoman, you know that you are doing this in an ethical and respectful way.

So why not reclaim the word leader?
Why not take back that sense of old power associated with it and adapt it into something of your own? You have an incredible ability to share your light and your knowledge and its transmuting effect on the people you are sharing it with is boundless!

This is the true spiritual alchemy that you possess. That ability to make a shift simply in your mindset that can lift yourself up and lift up everybody around you AND THEN to teach that to others.

So why aren’t you claiming it? Why aren’t you calling yourself a leader?

If you feel you’re on the precipice of up leveling but something is still holding you back, then you may be interested in Crystalline Matrix Accelerated Healing for Leaders & Lightworkers. This distance healing session gets you into energetic coherence so you can quickly and efficiently connect in with your own energies, teachers and spirit guides. Then you can work seamlessly in giving your people the support they require. Because the ones you know and that whole other group out there trying to find you – they need your knowledge AND guidance.


So now Id love to hear from you!


  • Do you consider yourself a leader?
  • What comes to mind when you hear the term “spiritual leadership”?


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