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Get Better Boundaries the easy way. 1:1 coaching for empaths, coaching for lightworkers
Get Better Boundaries the easy way. 1:1 coaching for empaths, coaching for lightworkers

Distance Healing Session +15 min. online support call   $129

This is a healing and energetic alignment to feel more connected, brighter in your energy and confident to take on the next level in your spiritual life and business.

This session brings forward the alignment and integration of your energy bodies into higher frequencies. Or said another way, it gives you an energetic shoulder to lean on while your body and auric energies are shifting up through the 3d-5d light waves.

If you’re called to this, you’re already in service doing energy work, healing or hands on with clients. Although you love what you do, you may be feeling overwhelmed or drained. Often as you are helping others more than yourself or you may just be coming into new gifts and not sure how it’s all meant to work yet.

This is deep worked and with a gentle touch that can create a profound shift in your energy as it clears off any energies you may perceive as lower level, Then helps to assimilate your energies into higher frequencies.

Session Details
I work in the etheric field remotely where there is no space or time. So you can choose when you want the attunement to happen. And because sometimes the healing and integration process can be a little challenging, a 15min followup support chat is included.

Session Includes
– Distance Healing & Attunement as downloadable audio file.
– 15 minute, 1:1 online chat via Zoom (a free online videoconferencing software you can access in one click on your mobile or computer).

Please allow yourself a quiet or meditative space for the best results, and in a space where you wont be disturbed.

60min Session   $129

*Please contact me if you don’t see a scheduled time that works for you as I have a flexible schedule to accommodate international clients

“Tanya’s healing was incredibly gentle yet I could feel it – I could feel her contacting and working with my guides and felt lighter almost immediately as she cleared my energy field.

It was amazing to work with someone who understands the deep yet tender work that light workers need, and she shifted so much that when we spoke a few days later – I couldn’t clearly remember what my pressing issue had previously been!

Highly highly recommend ? “

~ Cori Allen-Roi