In the studio this week I am working on some micro mini gemstone earrings.

These are always a lot of fun to make because I get the chance to hang out with some crystal friends and vibe on their energy. Plus it’s always a bit of a happy challenge because every single crystal is unique. So it can take a bit of time to find earring pairs with similar colour, shape, size and energy.

But when you do, you can just feel it. They have this awesome dialogue with each other and with me. It’s really not uncommon to kind of hear this little energetic voice saying pick me, pick me!

Once they are paired up, it’s simply a matter of attaching them to the earring posts. One of my favourite tricks is to use a piece of cardboard or recycled piece of styrofoam to hold the posts firmly in place without slipping. Then they are attached with a high-quality jewellers epoxy and left to dry.

Pretty simple process, but you do need to be very good at working with small items and have tactile fingers. Plus a love for what you’re doing doesn’t hurt either.

If you are making your own, it’s always helpful to start your project with an intention.
Why are you making them? Do you like the colour, their energy, they happen to go with something you love to wear?

Whatever the reason doing a bit of research on your crystal or gemstone of choice before hand can affirm or change your mind about what you want to use. Each one has its own energetic vibration and having them near you can assist on many different levels.
I highly suggest you check out the Library where I have a variety of different crystals and gemstones pictured with their meanings and affinities for healing, vibrational numbers and birth signs. Some even work with Archangels.

Let’s talk about Garnets

These are a fascinating gemstone because many people do not realize that they come in a variety of colours and finishes. There’s even a type of garnet that is green! There are 6 main types including Almandine, Pyrope, Spessartite, Grossular, Andradite and Uvarovite.

I like using Almandine and Pyrope because they have a rich colour even in their raw state and are full of vitality. But all Garnets have an internal fire, both in the way they reflect light and that they appear to shine from within. Also, the energy of Garnets can “light a fire” under you, bringing to the surface emotions and ideas to be manifested and acted upon.

On the emotional level, Garnet is a great stone for depression because it brings a sense of joy and hope to the person that it is with. And it is great for self-care as it helps to reduce anger in general but especially towards yourself.

Garnet is popularly known as a relationship builder for both personal and business parts of your life. This is because it can inspire a love and passion of what you do or the person you are involved with. It is also lesser-known for helping to create a sense of devotion and loyalty.

For healers, lightworkers and empaths, Garnet is great because it is super for cleansing the chakras of negative energies and helping to re-energize them. Specifically to balance the Sacral Chakra and sex drive, and to aid in the controlled rise of Kundalini energy. Combined with pink stones for love and support like Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite – Garnet makes a lovely companion when working through issues of trauma and abuse.

Garnets metaphysical attributes include
January birthstone. Fire Element. Root Chakra/Heart Chakra/Sacral Chakras. Aquarius/Capricorn/Leo/Virgo. Vibrational Number 11

You can find these mini Garnet stud earrings in the shop.


So now Id love to hear from you!


  • What is your birthstone or crystal and what do you love about it?
  • If you could have any gemstone earrings, what would you choose?



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