4 More Essential Crystals for Empaths and Lightworkers

There are so many great crystals for lightworkers, empaths and energy healers – I just had to share some more!

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These crystal friends and healing crystals are the perfect allies for you in your personal and business life. Use them for clearing your auric field, grounding, enhancing your meditations and connection with higher realms and spirit.

  1. Nuummite
  2. Celestite
  3. Golden Healer Quartz
  4. Astrophyllite

And check out the 4 MORE Essential Crystals for Empaths & Lightworkers VIDEO For even more details.

Nuummite. Deep grounding. Empath stone. Auric cleanser.


Nummite. The Empath Stone.

A VERY rare crystal found only in Greenland. It is one of the oldest crystals known to man, estimated at 4,000,000,000 (that’s right Blillion! Years old). It looks like a jet black sky with labradorite like flashes of gold, blue, green bronze, pewter or the very rare red vein in each crystal. A metamorphic rock made up of amphibole minerals gedrite and anthophyllite. It is named after the area of Nuuk in Greenland, where it was found.

It assists you in becoming grounded and connected to the earth at the same time as being able to connect to spirit and the energy around you. Which means it’s great for those of us are empaths , sensitive souls, feelers and emotional beings . I call it the empath stone because it really helps you feel like you are shielded from energy outside of you that you don’t want. The state of being happens because it helps to lift your vibration meaning you are less of a attraction to lower-level and discordant energies that you don’t want to have in your field. It keeps you connected in with the earth while keeping your energy lifted.

Nuummite is aligned with the earth*chakra and a masculine energy stone that works for both men and women who are dealing with issues around the other sex.

 Celestite. Speak with angels. Higher realms. Soulstar Chakra


Celestite. Angelic & Higher Realm Connections.

Celestite derives its name from the celestial and so represents its ability to connect with the angelic realms. It can offer help for anxiety and stress by offering the vibrations of harmony and inner peace. A great crystal to connect with your spirit guides and higher dimensions.

Perfectly suited to meditation and Reiki practices where connection with higher realms is desired. Also known as Celestine.

Aligned with the soulstar, throat, third eye chakras.

 Golden Healer Quartz. Energy clearing. Grounding. Solar plexus

Golden Healer Quartz.

Golden Healer Quartz as a variety of colours ranging from translucent pale yellow to deep opaque gold. This is from deposits of iron oxide and it is said that the more saturated the stone and colour, the deeper the healing benefits from it.

These crystals raise your vibration, help you to release any of the energetic energy may of accumulated and to heal. This makes them ideal for empaths and healers in general.
They help you to connect with source, aligned with unity consciousness, other sentient beings and All That Is. A great aid for energy healing to release blocks that are holding you back or any energies which are not yours.

Aligned with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

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Astrophyllite. Souls Purpose. Light Bringer. 3rd Eye Chakra.

Apophylite. Lifts your mood. Helps to connect with angels. Aligned with your 3rd Eye Chakra.

Apophylite is great for the 3rd Eye as it has an affinity to the Pineal Gland and is a nice addition when you are doing Chakra balancing. You’ll also find it to be a natural mood lifter, especially if you suffer from anxiety – as most of us do these days.

As an empath this might be one of your go to crystals. It can give you boost of positive energy because it will make space for that to happen by lifting off discordant or stagnant energy you may of accumulated in your auric field.

It is a beautiful reflective crystal and some of the more popular pyramidal shapes almost appear to have crystalline mirrors within them. As its appearance may suggest, it is connected to the Angelic Realms. It stimulates your being and gives you an easier way to access the communication with spirit. This makes Apophylite a go-to crystal for work with them and other higher vibrational or dimentional beings.

VIDEO: 4 More Essential Crystals for Empaths + Lightworkers

Discover how these high vibrational crystals can help you as an empath, energy worker and lightworker. In this video I’ll be talking about Nuumite, Celestite (2:00), Golden Healer Quartz (2:52) and Astrophylite (4:17)


So now Id love to hear from you!

  • Are you a lightworker, empath or energy worker using crystals in your practice?
  • What are your favourites?


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  1. Chelsey

    Thanks for this article! Where could I get the crystals listed?

    • +scfts-admin+

      Glad you enjoyed it Chelsey! You can find different sizes and varieties of Golden Healers in my Etsy shop Earthlights Crystals.

      Nummite and Astrophyllite are a little harder to come by. You may want to check your area for a metaphysical shop or gem dealer who deals with rare crystals. Have fun hunting!


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